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News Events Gpixel Expands GSPRINT Family with High Sensitivity 2 MP Global Shutter Image Sensor targeting 3D laser profiling and UV imaging. Gpixel expands its mainstream GL line scan portfolio with GLR1205BSI S Gpixel expands its mainstream GL line scan portfolio with GL7004 – a cost effective, multi line 4k 7um line scan sensor for mainstream inspection and sorting applications. Gpixel Expands Portfolio For High Throughput Large Field of View Scientific Imaging with the GSENSE6510BSI Image Sensor Gpixel High Dynamic Range Cinema Sensor GCINE4349 Honored by 2024 VSD Innovators Award Gpixel Unveils Next Generation Technology for Scientific CMOS Image Sensors at Photonics West in San Francisco Gpixel Adds MIPI-enabled 5 MP and 12 MP NIR Global Shutter Image Sensors To Popular GMAX Family Gpixel Expands Portfolio for Video Imaging with GCINE3243. 2024 International Optoelectronics Expo- Changchun Vision China 2024 Shanghai Vision - Stuttgart 08-10 Oct 2024 CIOE 2024 Gpixel Expands Portfolio for Intelligent Traffic Systems with GMAX34013; a wide aspect ratio 12.7MP 4/3” NIR-enhanced Image Sensor Gpixel Expands GL Product Family with the GL1402. Gpixel Expands Line Scan Offering with GL3516. Gpixel Announces New 344 fps High-Speed Version of 2.4 Megapixel GMAX4002 Global Shutter Image Sensor with Enhanced NIR Sensitivity 81MP Scientific CMOS Image Sensor Gpixel adds SVGA variant with sub-electron Noise, 90% QE and 16-μm Pixels to cost-effective ultra-low light GLUX product family Gpixel Expands its GMAX Sensor Family to Include a 1/1.7” Format 2.4 Megapixel Global Shutter Image Sensor with Enhanced NIR Sensitivity Gpixel expands high-speed GSPRINT image sensor series with a 2/3” 2.5 MP 3460 fps global shutter GSPRINT4502 Gpixel takes gold in Vision System Design 2022 Innovators Awards Gpixel announces 8K resolution high-speed line scan CMOS image sensor GL7008 Gpixel announces GMAX3809: a 9MP 1.1” NIR-enhanced image sensor for Intelligent Traffic Systems Gpixel announces the GCINE product family, making state-of-the-art HDR image sensors commercially available for high-end video and photography. Gpixel Releases World’s Highest Resolution Global Shutter Image Sensor Gpixel expands high-speed GSPRINT series with a 4/3” 10MP 2000fps global shutter image sensor. Dr. Assaf Lahav joins Gpixel Executive Management Team as VP of Pixel and Advanced Technology The first show of QHY4040Pro-BSI scientific camera equipped with Gpixel sensor in the Corona Borealis Observatory, Ali, Tibet, China GPIXEL Expands Linear Sensor Family with the 1” Format GL3504 Gpixel and Tower Semiconductor Announce a Cutting-Edge iToF Sensor for 3D Imaging Applications Gpixel introduces GLUX backside illuminated sCMOS product family with 0.8 e- noise and CSI-2 MIPI interface for cost-effective ultra-low light imaging. GLT BSI TDI line scan product family optimized for speed and sensitivity introduced with GLT5009BSI product GMAX2518 expands GMAX Sensor Family to Include a 1” format 18 Megapixel Global Shutter Image Sensor GSPRINT our new high-speed product family becomes available with GSPRINT4521, a 21MP 1000 fps global shutter image sensor. GSENSE4040 BSI version released for high-end scientific imaging applications GMAX Sensor Family going beyond 100MP with a 103 Megapixel Global Shutter Image Sensor New 87 mm large area GSENSE BSI sCMOS product with 16.7MP and generous 15 um pixel size Gpixel announces new PulSar technology enabling GSENSE products for VUV/EUV, soft x-ray and electron direct detection imaging Gpixel’s GMAX0505RF image sensor employs Red Fox NIR-enhancing technology to achieve high-resolution NIR imaging Gpixel Announces New 4k Resolution Line Scan Sensor New full-frame 51MP sensor to focus on inspection and 8k:4k video Gpixel expands GMAX series with 5MP and 9MP CIS using world’s smallest GS pixel Gpixel Announces 65MP Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor GMAX3265 Gpixel NV founded as new supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors solutions Gpixel Announces 26MP GS Sensor Based on TowerJazz’s New Pixel Design Xinyang Wang Image Sensor CEO: Managing Director of the Year Photometrics® Launches Next Generation Scientific CMOS Camera Gpixel’s First Public Show at Japan’s ITE 2015 TowerJazz and Gpixel Announce the First BSI Scientific CMOS Image Sensor Gpixel is listed in EETimes “Analog, MEMS and Sensor Startups to Watch in 2015 GPIXEL is pleased to announce that it has achieved ISO 9001 Gpixel is listed in EE Times Silicon 60 GSENSE400 Product Release at CIPE 2014 TowerJazz and Gpixel Announce World's Highest Resolution CMOS Image Sensor
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