Advanced CMOS Image Sensors
GMAX is Gpixel’s global shutter sensor family, designed to take full advantage of high-speed industrial camera interfaces while providing the performance and features required for.. READ MORE
The GSENSE series is a world leading scientific CMOS image sensor family, designed with correlated multiple sampling for extreme low noise, true HDR for high dynamic.. READ MORE
GSPRINT6502BSI is a backside illuminated global shutter CMOS image sensor with 2048 (H) x 1152 (V) pixels, each 6.5 µm square, providing a wide format and compatibility with 1” optics. The combination of backside illumination and a large 6.5 µm pixel maximize light collection in high-speed imaging applications including 3D laser profiling and scientific imaging. With 10-bit output and 32 pairs of sub-LVDS outputs each operating at 1.2 Gbps, the GSPRINT6502BSI achieves 1500 frames per second. Up to 8 vertically oriented regions of interest can be defined to operate the sensor at increased frame rates. For applications in which the maximum frame rate is not required, multiplexing modes are available to reduce the number out output channels by any multiple of 2. Backside illumination technology ensures that the image sensor is sensitive to light across a wide spectral range from from the UV to the NIR, making it compatible with a variety of laser wavelengths. In addition, a broad angular response achieves 80% quantum efficiency at an incident angle of 34 degrees from the normal. At 1x PGA gain, the sensor’s full well capacity is 20 ke- and the dynamic range is 57 dB. The analog gain can be adjusted from 1x up to 7x in 0.5x increments. On-chip 2x vertical binning can be used to increase the full well capacity, dynamic range, and frame rate. A vertical sub-sampling mode is also available for increased frame rate while maintaining the full field of view. The sensor features on-chip sequencer, SPI control, PLL, and both analog and digital temperature sensors, and is assembled into a 130-pin LGA package. Noise of 24.3e- median.
GSPRINT4510 is a 10MP (4608 x 2176) 4/3” (22.9mm) high speed image sensor designed with the latest 4.5 µm charge domain global shutter pixel. It achieves more than 30 ke¯ charge capacity and less than 3 e¯ rms read noise. Using an advanced 65 nm CIS process with light pipe technology, the sensor achieves >67% QE and more than 1/40,000 shutter efficiency. With on-chip charge binning, full well capacity can be further increased and frame rate is almost quadrupled. GSPRINT4510 will be offered in two variants to support in the most optimal way different end-use use cases. One version is dedicated to 3D laser profiling and supports 144 pairs sub-LVDS channels running at 1.2Gbps each, which delivers a stunning 2000 fps in 8-bit operation at 2048 rows and > 3500 fps with an ROI of 1024 rows in combination with several HDR modes. Incorporating unique, tailored features such as a thinner glass lid to reduce stray light reflection, the option to have no micro lenses, and either a sealed or removable glass lid makes GSPRINT4510 the ideal solution for 3D laser scanning applications. For other applications including high-speed industrial inspection, life science imaging and 4K video applications, the sensor is offered in monochrome, color sensor configuration, and achieve up to 500 fps @ 12-bit, 1008 fps @ 10-bit and 1928 fps @ 8-bit with full resolution. On-chip 2×2 charge binning can boost frame rates more than x3 with a full well charge increase to 120 ke¯. Flexible output channel multiplex modes make it possible to reduce frame and data rate to make it compatible with all available camera interface options. This version of the sensor incorporates micro lenses on top of the pixels and a sealed glass lid making GSPRINT4510 the ultimate choice for many applications such as 4/3”(Micro Four Thirds) format global shutter cameras in slow motion capture or drone-mounted videography.
The GSPRINT series is Gpixel’s high-speed global shutter product family, including the 21MP GSPRINT4521. The GSPRINT technology will be used to expand the sizes and.. READ MORE
GCINE4349 is a 49MP (35.2 x 25.8 mm) full frame image sensor with a 4.3 μm BSI pixels designed specifically for the demands and performance of high-end video imaging. With a maximum resolution of 8192 x 6000 pixels, several readout modes are supported to read out 8K or binned 4K video with maximum frame rates of up to 120 fps at 8K resolution and up to 240 fps at binned 4K resolutions, all with a pixel bit depth of up to 16 bit/pixel interfaced over 64 sub LVDS channels @ 1.2 Gbps/channel. GCINE4349 is developed using a 2-wafer level stacked BSI architecture. The top layer consists of a BSI pixel array with 49M 4.3 um pixels achieving a maximum QE of up to 75% at 525 nm. The bottom digital CMOS layer consists of an array of core cells each including 16-bit ADC blocks and SRAM memory blocks which are used to sum and store up to 4 subsequent sub-frames with seamless exposure, enabling an in-pixel full well charge of up to 160k e- for a dynamic range of 80 dB. GCINE4349 architecture also supports two additional HDR modes. Firstly, a proprietary Variable Slope High Dynamic Range method achieving an exceptionally high 110 dB of Dynamic Range. Secondly, a classic dual gain read out achieving up to 87 dB of Dynamic Range. An additional Digital Still Camera (DSC) mode can be enabled for low noise read out down to 1.7 e¯ and dedicated shutter control for DSC operation. GCINE4349 is packaged in a 431-pin LGA ceramic package and comes with a double side AR coated glass lid.
The GCINE family is Gpixel’s newest flagship product family of truly innovative products for cinematography, drones, production imaging and other video applications, utilizing.. READ MORE
The GL sensor family from Gpixel comprises a wide range of horizontal resolutions, ranging from 2k to 16k, with line rates of up to 200 kHz. These sensors feature pixel sizes.. READ MORE
Markets and Applications
Discover the various use cases where our Products & Technology are utilized.
Machine vision
Machine vision Robotics has come a long way since the days of blind and dumb mechanical ‘arms’ with high margins of error. Thanks largely to machine vision, robots have evolved into automation and inspection systems that carry out repetitive tasks with very high accuracy and efficiency. Machine vision also help robots to think for themselves, enabling them to react to and compensate for different situations as they arise. Gpixel’s CMOS imaging sensors bring a whole range of benefits, maximizing reliability of robotics systems as they measure, sort and inspect goods or materials. Typically systems need to be lightweight, using cost-effective C-mount lenses and 1.1 optical inch sensors.
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Scientific imaging
When you are creating a camera that can visualize stands of DNA, zoom in on live cells using low-energy microscopy or capture the death of a distant star in real-time, you need an image sensor that matches the extreme performance requirements of your application. However, in the past, it has often come with a large price tag. This is where Gpixel’s range of high-performance CMOS image sensors come to the fore, and specifically our GSENSE family.
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Video & Photography
The photography industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, and 4K and 8K resolutions have become the industry standard, so the requirements for camera equipment are getting higher and higher. Whether it's a large documentary, Hollywood movie, or 3D AV/VR broadcast, the camera plays a crucial role in producing a work that satisfies the audience, and the core of the camera is the CMOS image sensor. A high-end camera, the use of CMOS image sensors need to meet the high resolution, high dynamic range, low noise, high frame rate and a series of characteristics, in order to meet the shooting needs of different applications.
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Traffic & Transportation
Cameras for intelligent traffic and transportation systems have become commonplace over the last few years. From controlling traffic flow and monitoring safety, speed and traffic violations, to managing tolls and parking and entry access, they are used in a wide range of environments, during the day and at night, regardless of the weather. That means they need to ‘see’ under a wide range of lighting conditions. Gpixel’s small cost-effective global shutter sensors offer visible+ wavelength range, which allows traffic monitoring without a visible flash and we have a range of resolutions to cover a single lane or capture up to three lanes.
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3D Imaging
Detect the distance from the lens to the object, thereby enabling fast and high-precision spatial measurement and three-dimensional imaging.
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Medical Imaging
Virtually every area of medicine and related disciplines benefits from digital imaging – whether it is diagnosing illness or guiding interventions, looking at the surface or deep inside our bodies. Images need to be accurate, highly detailed and acquired quickly to optimize outcomes and minimize patient discomfort.
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About Gpixel
Gpixel delivers off-the-shelf and customized CMOS image sensors that meet the demands of scientific, industrial, professional and medical imaging markets. At Gpixel our seasoned, multidisciplinary team of experts are passionate about pushing the boundaries of image sensing technologies. As a proven designer and supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, we develop solutions that meet the exacting demands of our target markets with the added benefits of volume production.
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