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Gpixel Expands Portfolio For High Throughput Large Field of View Scientific Imaging with the GSENSE6510BSI Image Sensor


May 13, 2024, Changchun, China – Gpixel announces the GSENSE6510BSI backside illuminated CMOS image sensor for microscopy and other high-throughput scientific imaging applications.


GSENSE6510BSI is a 3200 x 3200 (10.2 MP) resolution image sensor with industry-standard 6.5 μm2 pixel and large 29.4 mm diagonal for increased throughput in microscopy applications compared to 19 mm sCMOS devices. With a peak QE of 95% and read noise of 0.7 e- median, the sensor achieves exceptional signal-to-noise in extreme low light applications.


The sensor offers five imaging modes. In 12-bit mode, the sensor delivers 62.3 dB of dynamic range with a read noise floor or 1.3 e- at 88 fps. In 11-bit HDR mode, the sensor uses dual-gain readout to achieve 78.8 dB of dynamic range with a read noise of 1.8 e- at the same 83 fps. Additionally, the sensor offers two high-speedmodes, an 8-bit mode reaching 500 fps and an 11-bit mode reaching 166fps. A 12-bit low noise mode achieves 0.7 e- read noise.


Fig. 1  GSENSE6510BSI quantum efficiency peaks at 610 nm at over 95%. At 800 nn, the QE is over 67%.


“With its combination of large field of view and high frame rate, the GSENSE6510BSI can take advantage of the trend toward larger FOV microscopes to capture more data per frame, and output that data at up to 69.12 Gbpsto maximize throughput.” says Wim Wuyts, Gpixel’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The GSENSE6510BSI is a perfect complement to the smaller-pixel GSENSE3243BSI sensor announced in January, allowing us to provide a broad range of solutions for the biosciences market.”





Fig. 2  The GSENSE6510BSI image sensor is offered with removable coverglass to allow for a range of operating temperatures including cooling.


GSENSE6510BSI is a monochrome, rolling shutter CMOS image sensor with global reset, and features on-chip analog and digital temperature sensors, on chip SPI control, and support for a low dark current mode for longer exposures. Image data is read out via up to 72 LVDS channels and vertical windowing is supported for increased frame rate at lower resolution. Channel multiplexing is supported to reduce the number of output channels to 24 or 12, simplifying the hardware design.The sensor available in a 284-pin LGA ceramic package with removable glass lid.


Purchase orders can be placed now for samples and demo system.

For more information, please contact Gpixel at or visit


About the GSENSE sensor family
The GSENSE series is Gpixel’s family of ultra high performance rolling shutter scientific CMOS image sensors. The product line addresses a wide variety of applications with diverse specifications including quantum efficiency over 95%, noise below 1 e-, dynamic range up to 110 dB and data rates over 76 Gbps.  Primary applications include spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging, astronomy, high energy physics, UV imaging, medical imaging and high-end surveillance.


About Gpixel
Gpixel is an international company providing high-end customized and off the-shelf CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical, scientific, and professional imaging applications. Gpixel’s standard products include the GMAX and GSPRINT global shutter, fast frame rate sensors, the GSENSE high-end scientific CMOS image sensor series, the GLUX series of high sensitivity sensors for surveillance, the GL series of line scan imagers, the GLT series of TDI imagers, GTOF series of iTOF imagers, and the GCINE series of sensors for professional video and photography. Gpixel provides a broad portfolio of products leveraging the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the professional imaging market.

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