With high-definition screens, increasingly 8K resolution is becoming the standard for motion capture and video. There is also a trend to have a higher quality image with a broader viewing angle so that there needs to be less post-processing while increasing the editing options. That necessitates lots of data at good image quality, requiring at least a 40 Mpixel sensor capturing 60 frames per second. While there is a move towards customized development, one key difference lies in the lenses (and therefore the sensors) used, with cinematography full- using frame lenses, broadcast utilizing two-thirds optical inch lenses and video production employing ASP-C lenses. The Gpixel GCINE line of sensors caters towards the demanding needs of this application, with 8K resolution @ 120 fps, impressive dynamic range specifications and on-chip HDR modes.
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GCINE4349 is a 49MP (35.2 x 25.8 mm) full frame image sensor with a 4.3 μm BSI pixels designed specifically for the demands and performance of high-end video imaging. With a maximum resolution of 8192 x 6000 pixels, several readout modes are supported to read out 8K or binned 4K video with maximum frame rates of up to 120 fps at 8K resolution and up to 240 fps at binned 4K resolutions, all with a pixel bit depth of up to 16 bit/pixel interfaced over 64 sub LVDS channels @ 1.2 Gbps/channel. GCINE4349 is developed using a 2-wafer level stacked BSI architecture. The top layer consists of a BSI pixel array with 49M 4.3 um pixels achieving a maximum QE of up to 75% at 525 nm. The bottom digital CMOS layer consists of an array of core cells each including 16-bit ADC blocks and SRAM memory blocks which are used to sum and store up to 4 subsequent sub-frames with seamless exposure, enabling an in-pixel full well charge of up to 160k e- for a dynamic range of 80 dB. GCINE4349 architecture also supports two additional HDR modes. Firstly, a proprietary Variable Slope High Dynamic Range method achieving an exceptionally high 110 dB of Dynamic Range. Secondly, a classic dual gain read out achieving up to 87 dB of Dynamic Range. An additional Digital Still Camera (DSC) mode can be enabled for low noise read out down to 1.7 e¯ and dedicated shutter control for DSC operation. GCINE4349 is packaged in a 431-pin LGA ceramic package and comes with a double side AR coated glass lid.
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